I specialise in audiovisual programming on the Web. I write mainly modern JavaScript, but also Python, SASS, C++, Swift and Rust. My past clients include XL Recordings, KnowledgeRocks, Synervoz and greyworld.

Here’s a selection of my projects, there’s more on github.


A tiny JS library for beautiful drawing and handwriting on HTML5 Canvas. Based on a custom drawing algorithm developed for 1WALL. 600+ stars on GitHub.


Audio feature extraction library for the Web Audio API that I built with Hugh Rawlinson and Nevo Segal. Featured in proceedings of the 1st Web Audio Conference at IRCAM and Mozilla, Paris. Watch the WAC talk here.


An audiovisual-literary web epic created by the Hungarian experimental band Dorota. I used Web Audio and hand-crafted CSS3 animation to build an immersive experience of the beautiful world of Frik.

United Cassettes Map

An exploratory web app for United Cassettes, a project unifying independent cassette labels all around the world. Built with the Google Maps API, and some sleek php scripts.

The Weird Stuff

I’ve made quite a few (often tragically unfinished) code abominations that I just feel need to exist. Like HorribleCoffee, my early crystallic Blender models, and the first two scenes of a WebGL/WebAudio series called Worlds (scene 2 here, chrome/firefox only, webcam required). Also there’s this Chrome extension that replaces the name of one unpopular Slovak politician with more fitting (non-profane) names.