Here’s my work in the media of 3D graphics, installation, and live performance.

Ex Caelis Oblata

Final dissertation work for the BMus in Music Computing at Goldsmiths. Available in PDF at Installation piece built on research in sculptural encoding of music, exploring the human experiences of mystery, awe and religious reverence and focusing on the concepts of meaning in relics and cultural artefacts, aesthetics of monolithic art.

The Artist’s Rite

Spin-off performance work based on the aesthetics and technology of Ex Caelis Oblata. In this performance, the artist gradually destroys a precious sculpture of their own making. Max/MSP / Jitter / openFrameworks / Nintendo Wii / web camera / laser module / piezo microphone / modroc / cleaver / tape.

Light Experiments

A new series of visual experiments with wire mesh and laser light, collaboration with Jasmin Michalcakova.

Generative 3D art

an example of my generative 3D models

I occasionally make procedurally generated shapes on a black background. See more on my instagram.